Who Is Neuwly?

Neuwly is the best place to discover the world around us, connect with like-minded adventurers and experience the augmented world in a new way. With a goal to advance humanity through life’s new experiences, we are helping people live their best lives and venues offer their best experiences. We believe that when the distance between customer and provider is eliminated we are all able to do amazing things.


Inspiring experiences make life meaningful and exciting and now they are easier to find than ever. Find out what awaits near you or at your next holiday destination. See what your friends and co workers are planning on next or recommend. Invite your family to share in or track your latest, greatest feat. Book your next pottery class or desert camel ride with us and live your best life.


A key part of navigating travel or picking up a new skill is connecting with those who have gone before us. We trust their knowledge and expertise to guide our way. Neuwly ensures you never feel alone on your next adventure by connecting you with a community of your own circle as well as the wider world in which suggestions, insights, tips and how tos are aplenty. Communicate directly with your experience provider too, all in one easy to use app.


Our goal is to help you experience the rich variety of sights, adventures and learning our world has to offer through both actual and augmented forms. Go ahead, see what is out there, do something new and perhaps leave your very own mark in augmented reality. Inspire others to tread in your wake, become a guide to others embarking on their newest journey. We can’t wait to see what you accomplish.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality (AR) is designed to elevate our own naturally occurring world through the use of technology. Computer generated images, video and text are superimposed into and seemingly interacting with the world we see; creating an elevated reality alterable by people and businesses around us or even by ourselves. We make enriched realities a possibility through our partners’ creative augmented content as well as your own. Just pull out your device and let us introduce you to your new world.

Founders Story

(Steve Christensen & Greg Stonehocker)

What started as a casual meeting around an idea slowly ballooned into something more. We both share a love for travel and business as well as a frustration about the difficulty in discovering amazing things to do around the world. From list aggregators to google searches, it seems like finding or deciding on an experience is never simple and comes down to a friendly recommendation or the internet equivalent of flipping a coin. We knew there was a better way so we set out to create it. Neuwly uses tried and tested as well as new and unique approaches to the tourism/adventure world to help both sides find each other easier and feel supported while making learning and adventure opportunities more discoverable, interesting, desired and augmented. The new world is on the horizon and we can’t wait to introduce you to what comes next.

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Why Book on Neuwly?

Secure Payments

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Free Cancellations up to 24 Hours in Advance

Neuwly for Business

We rethought experience discovery from the ground up: how customers find you and how they book and share your experiences. Neuwly is answering years of frustration about how to find your best customers easily and beautifully.


We know attracting new and relevant business is an ongoing priority and we’re approaching it in a unique way. Neuwly transactions and interactions live forever allowing users a bit of a scrapbook and experience providers like you a road map to new and repeat customers. These customers’ friends and family are likely to do and love just what they chose to do with you whether at home or travelling.


Engagement between you and your customer has never been more important. Neuwly removes the ceiling on customer engagement by bringing sales, marketing, contact and augmented reality to the same place. Adding augmented reality (AR) to your experiences, easily and affordably, will make for heavily engaged and happy consumers ready to share and recommend you to others.


Running a business requires programs, calendars, payment terminals and a pinch of confusion. Neuwly is the place where we make this easier. By keeping it simple we help you grow your business, grow sales, increase visibility, augment your experiences and communicate with your customer all in a simple and better way. Give us a shot, we think you’ll love what you can do here.

Get Your Business Started!

Experience Listings

The amount of listings you’re able to manage at a time.


Social Discovery

Enhance business discovery in a new social feed of like-minded adventurers.

Advanced Scheduling

Our scheduling system makes it easy for you to list and even easier for your customers to buy.

Second Business

Digitize word of mouth advertising allowing each transaction to be discoverable by friends.

Online Profile

A single place for customers to see who you are and buy the experiences you sell.

Augmented Reality Markers

Add video, picture and text in augmented reality to enhance any or all of your experiences.


Sponsored Experiences

Easily add sponsors to your AR experiences allowing you to cover any or all costs.

Service Fees Simplified

One inclusive price that saves you money and protects you from any surprises.


World-Class Care

Ready to help you at a moments notice.

Customer Success Onboarding & Training

Business specialists available at no cost to help you setup and grow your Neuwly influence.

Basic Reporting

High level overview of customers, key performance indicators, potential leads, and more.

World Class Security & Fraud Protection

Neuwly is certified Level 1 PCI DSS compliant. This means all your data and customer information is ultra secure.

Money Forward Guarantee

We’re so confident in our product that if you don’t earn more than you pay, we’ll cover your next year and work with you until you do.

Annual Membership

USD $99/year

Questions about the our annual membership? Contact us to learn more.